Water ice

Frozen water into the solid state is called ice. Its name comes from the old English ‚īs’, which actually came from Proto-Germanic  ‚isaz’.  Depending  on the impurities or air inclusions found in it, ice can appear either transparent or opaque

Ice is definitely an important component of the global climate and it can be found in many known forms just like hail, snow flakes, glaciers, icicles and even entire polar ice caps. It plays a very important role in the water cycle. Many other uses of ice may be ice cooling of beverages, helping with practicings winter sports or even the art of ice sculpting.

Depending on the temperatures and pressure the molecules in solid ice may be arranged in different ways , called phases. One of the most abundant of the varying solid phases on Earth’s surface is when ice is in the phase known as ice Ih. This occurs at the time when water reaches a temperature below 0°C (273.15K, 32°F) at standard atmospheric pressure.


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